--> 1984 Ford Ford Escort Wagon GL

1984 Escort Wagon GL

1984 Ford Escort Wagon GL

I purchased my 1st early Ford Escort, a 1984 4 door hatchback, in April 2010. I didn't know if I really wanted an early Escort so I bought a cheap rusty beater as a test. I always liked the looks of them but... would I enjoy driving and owning one... hmmm....

Well... after a year and a half looking I found the one I wanted. It had to be a 1981 thru 1984, turn key and no rust! not easy to find...

Gotta Love Craigslist! after emailing the owner a few times and getting a few pictures it was decided... I had to go for a look-see... was it the one?

The kid and I loaded up the my rusty beater and 220 miles later... there it was...

I had seen the pictures but nothing is better than an up close and personal inspection. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, no disappointments here.

Since this was going to be #14 in my personal fleet of car crazyness it had to be pretty nice to get me to plunk down the cash and take it home.

As I looked the Escort over I noticed a few things I didn't expect... Cruise Control!

Only 48K original miles, not sure why but I thought it had more miles than that???

The seats are firmer and more comfortable than thoes in the rusty beater.

Door panels are all clean, little more fancy and look.... Pockets!

Dash is super clean, no cracks anywhere I can find :o)

As I was looking at the controls I noticed.... Air Conditioning! Holy Cow! it needs a recharge but... Whoo! Hoo!

Headliner is perfect

Seats front and rear are in perfect condition

And Look! Fold Down Arm Rest! The cup holder is a velcro add-on...

Even has an ash tray on the passenger rear door... doesn't have one on the driver side???

Split rear seats, again in perfect condition

Rear cargo area looks good, even has a pocket

looks to be missing a sun shade for the rear... hmmm... where to find a replacement...

Decent amount of space for stuff and the cargo carpet is still nice and red, not faded.

With the seats folded down there is even more room, not quite enough to lay out in if you wanted to sleep in the back, a Pinto Wagon has more room but it would do if needed.

And rear 5x7 speakers for a much better sound...

Look at that rear bumper...

That! Is Shiny! and the front bumper is just as nice.

Little nicer steel wheels than the rusty beater has, missing one center cap on purchase, received the replacement I purchased on Ebay today :o)

The engine bay needs a little cleanup. It's been to Ziebart and there is a bit of rust proof under the hood. Got to admit, I would rather Ziebart hadn't done that, gonna make for a bit-o-work to cleanup.

Body and paint are original, nothing has been fixed or patched and it looks pretty darn good for a 1984. Many thanks to the previous owner for taking such good care of it. A good cleaning, buffing and wax and that red will pop!

I must say... this Escort is exactly what I was looking for... rust free, original paint, good body, interior is clean and nice. Has more options than I could have hoped for and it's a wagon. With comphy seats and arm rest, dark tinted windows, cruise control, 4 way speakers, power brakes and air conditioning... all that makes for a really decent road-trip car and I'm really liking it.

I Found The Early Escort I Was Looking For! and.. It's A Keeper!