--> Cookieboy's 1973 Pinto

The Boss!

1973 Ford Pinto
with Hot Pants Body Kit

The simple, basic Pinto. It hardly ever stays that way.

Lets start at the beginning... here I am making the deal... July 23rd, 2006

Here's some pictures before I did anything to clean it up...

some repainted areas

little rust

more rust

and the engine bay

so... after playing with it a bit, talked to a body man and decided to fix-r-up. Here it is when I dropped it off at the body shop with a bunch of the parts I collected for the project.

engine pulled and some sand blasting

both quarters, hatch, rear valance and tail light pan replaced with NOS replacements.



rebuilt engine

more body work


stripes added

it's home for me to finish

engine bay looks great!

time for the interior

after many different ones... I picked a wheel

love the dash trim

rear seats were recovered by the previous owner

material was provided to finish the fronts

rear panels panted with textured paint

looking good!

time for it's first car show, June 2007

all shiny and new

The Cookieboy and his sidekick have been to many a car show, there will be more, keep a lookout, never know where we may show up next.

all that was inspired by...

Now! time for a bit-o-fun with my Pinto's!