--> Push The Pinto

Hey! Meet Barth! one of my California Pinto Buddies.

Here's Barth!

a.k.a. Push The Pinto

Pintony introduced us and I'm glad to add him to the Friends of the Pinto.

When Pintony and I flew out to California in Febuary 2009 to get his car painted, Barth's is where Pintony stays and where we spent most of our time.

As we pulled up I noticed there were Pinto's all over the place. I recall seeing 9 total?

Here's a nice start to a project, Woodie! and the one "I" would most like to have as the start to a project.

Deluxe Interior

Looks Good

Nice Condition

The shifter plate, only found on early Pinto's

Shhhh... don't tell anyone, the woodie sticker is gone, replaced w/brushed on paint, can hardly tell.

Here's a 1972 Runabout that brings back memories of my own 1973. This one is in better shape than mine was.

Smooth Bumpers!

Same color interior mine was.

Just like mine, different front seats and no headliner.

Couple more hiding in the garage.

All of Barth's Pinto's are early models except... this one.

Lot's of Options! on this Pinto.

Including the custom plate = CarBQ

If you look close... holes for rear hatch louvers.

Yep! it's a 1977/78 model year.

Some disassembly has been done.

Last time I spoke with Barth he had it in mind to get this one back together for use as a daily driver.

Oh My! What's This???

Early Pinto?

Smooth Bumpers!

Oh My! Really! It's a Pangra!

As I recall.... this is one of the first ones built.

Known for the custom fiberglass front ends.

Special Wheels

Custom Interior

with Recaro Seats

Not Pictured - They also have several performance upgrades, suspension and a Turbo from AK Miller

A few more Pinto's in hiding, 3 more behind Pintony's car.

Update - September 2009 - A trip to Pintony's for the Sprinfield Illinois Mother Road Car Show. Pintony needed another driver so Barth flew out!

On the way to the show... Barth got to drive the Turbo Pinto!

Here's Pintony, Me, HellfireJim and in the middle, looking back is Barth! having fun at the show.