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Team Trudeau and The V8's

Team Trudeau and The V8's

The first two Pintos are my dad's old ones. I have a few pix of a light blue one and a red one with a black hood. I also have our latest projects, which are 2 Mercury Bobcats. This is the bright blue one with the flat black hood, and the white one. In all my dad and family owned 8 Pintos, both wagons and sedans/hatchbacks, and all but one were V8s. However, I only have pictures of the two, plus the two we have now.

It all started when my aunt blew the motor in her 2000cc 70 Pinto. My grandpa happened to have a Cougar with a 289 in it and had the notion to set it in the Pinto. They had to do a lot of modifying to the suspension and the steering in order to get it to fit, but when it was finished it resulted in a pretty fast drag racer. Then my dad and grandpa decided to swap the 289 for the 302w. After much work they got it to fit and it turned out to be an even quicker car. So they added some chrome side pipes on and added a 9inch Detriot-Locker to give it enhanced traction.

After learning a lot from the light blue Pinto..

my grandpa and dad decided to build another hot rod out of an 80 Pinto.

This one would be a 302 with 351w heads.

A lot of internal modifications..

new cam profiles and lifter technology..

made it the fastest they ever built..

but also the shortest lived.

My uncle would smash the Pinto into a pillar and my dad was hurt in the accident.

My grandpa, however, created a red look-alike Pinto that resembled the one my uncle had crashed..

although this one would remain a stock 4 cylinder.

The latest Pinto project we have is actually an 80 Bobcat.

We got the car in Milwaukee..

because my dad had always told us stories..

about the old Pintos..

and we just HAD to have one for ourselves.

So, after a lot of searching..

we found and purchased this Bobcat.

We also have a 302 which we will put in this one..

but I am not sure if we will use 351w heads.

This Bobcat will not be quite as fast as the others..

but will certainly look just as nice.

We also plan to paint a Mustang Boss type stripe..

on the side of the car.

and we plan to put chrome side pipes on..

but we are not quite finished yet.

This one we bought from 78Squirewagon just recently

we plan to V8 this one also.

This is a project just started

but we plan to give it the same paint scheme as the Grabber Blue one.

The motor we will put in there will probably be a 302.

A few updates on the Grabber Blue Bobcat

With the dash pad being cracked, and the rest with rust, we took out the entire dashboard.

sanded it and painted it.

We used vinyl to cover the dash pad to try and save money.

It turned out very nice so we decided to do the same with the door panels that were shot.

After this we moved the battery in the back to give room for the V8 when it is ready.

We cut a hole in the hood and used plastic molding to make sort of a ram air intake with the hood scoop.

We also added hood pins and cables to give it more of a hot rod look.

We also decided to paint a flat black stripe down the side. We pondered about whether or not to do the Mustang Boss type stripe from the hood, but decided only to go down the side.

We also painted the tailights black around the edges. This was more of an experiment than something planned.

It turned out to have a nice look to it.

Of course, these pictures would not be complete without a good burnout though!

Update July 2009 - We painted the back seats using vinyl paint.

We bought seat covers for the front seats, though we may just replace them entirely later.

I found some side pipes which we got for $65, and we put those on to give it more of a hot rod look.

How Low Can You Go?

A few updates on the White Bobcat

So.. there was much rust on the floor boards on the white Bobcat.

This required some welding, because the holes had weakened the structure...

and we did not want the seats falling through.

Very tricky with the welder we had.

Although a MIG, it blew through many times because of the impurities in the metal, and the fact that it was very thin.

After we welded it all together...

we put fiber glass patches to waterproof it, and rustoleum to make sure the rust did not return.

After that was taken care of, we needed to pull out the motore because it was completely blown.

So we pulled it through the hood, transmission and all.

Turned out one of the pistons had a hole in it.

Then of course, we took a break, my brother (owner) is sitting in the empty hood of the car.