--> The Wounded Pinto!

1980 Ford Pinto

what a long strange road it's traveled

Lots-n-lots of new parts and some hefty and serious repairs were needed to make this car safe to drive again. After it came to my house I found out it had a busted leaf spring and some serious cancer underneath. It ran good and I paid a bit more than I should have considering the issues it had. So a decision had to be made... scrap or part it out and take the loss or fix it and hope for the best. I choose to fix it....

Newer leaf springs installed, rear shocks and brakes Installed, the rusty frame section was repaired, NOS Motorcraft carburetor, fuel pump, altinator, timing belt, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter and thermostat were all installed. Needed new front rotors and pads so I also replaced calipers and brake lines. I'm sure there is stuff I forgot but that's the basics

Well... I had been driving it and doing more major and minor repairs, all goes well and this Pinto was running EXCELLENT! So.. Time to do some updates, 1st thing = fix a seat

I had a good passenger side seat so a swap was done. Handle to tilt the seat forward is on the wrong side in back so I have to reach way in but it looks better.

I wanted to freshen up the dash a bit so..

I used a silver Sharpie around the vents and heater controls and added in the wood dash trim piece, much better.

Hood was rotting out from underneith in the front, I had a spare so...

Swapped a Mercury Bobcat hood I had and this is where I got the idea to call it my Pincat, part Pinto, part Bobcat

Next was to add the side window louver I got off ebay.

Hatch was also rather rusty so it neede to go and I had a spare..

Painted black to match the hood, louvers added and I installed a rear spoiler.

In 2011, after driving for a couple years I had an itch, needed scratching.. time to do a bit more to the Pincat and I had a plan.

1st was to add a hood scoop I had laying around.

2nd was to reinstall the rear spoiler. I used silicone to install it the 1st time but it wasn't a perfect fit so it started to fall off. Before I lost it I removed it and now had a plan to keep it on... notice the shiny screws???

Next was to add wheel lip chrome, the area to bolt to was weak with rust so I needed something to keep it on and.. more shiny screws.

that will hold I think.

the rears are for an ESS Pinto so they were black from the factory, perfect for the new look I had planned, more shiny screws.

Here you might notice why I'm using the screws to hold the wheel lip on so...
Yep, this Pinto is screwed :o)

With the hood and hatch painted black I wanted to add some black to the sides and hope to hide the rust.

time for prep... hood sanded..

hatch sanded..

Yep, bed sheets and newspaper to mask it off, time for paint.

For paint I had the wacky idea to use truck bed liner. It's textured and should help hide the imperfections, tough as nails and just plain "looks" tough. Looking tough was the goal, screwed and all.

a look at the hatch.

and pull away the masking for a better look, I'm liking how it looks so far.

Needed something for the wheels, wasn't what I wanted but... also painted the head light buckets and a Bobcat grill.

Much Better!

I had the white walls flipped and added the hubcaps... looks OK but still not what I was looking for... hmmm...

Still not done yet but...

getting there and looks good so far.

Back in the garage for the next step... no longer a Pincat!

I decided on a new name and theme... The Wounded Pinto!

Now for some interior upgrades, sport steering wheel from the Bobcat that provided the hood and hatch. I also added a Mustang II center console I had laying around.

Needs a cover

Ahhh... Much Better!

So I was telling a friend I needed "sport" looking mirrors for both sides, he said he might have something for me and... Excellent! exactly what I would have hoped for.

With how tough this thing was looking it was just to quiet... cut that muffler off and add a big! chrome tip! that's the ticket and not as loud as I thought it might be but now has a little rumble.

I also painted a new cover between bumper and body, old one was pretty warped.

Well, that's pretty much it and what I was hoping for. I really like it and looking rough and tough like I was hoping for. All the painting I did was done with Rustoleum truck bed liner, the screws fit with the look I was going for and it's a head turner now. Lots of looks from other drivers... only 1 thing more...

Remember I wasn't happy with the painted hub caps... I found what I was looking for... Baby Moons! Yea Baby!

The Wounded Pinto! went to many of the car shows this year with a bit of help from friends. I can't drive them all so a few different friends stepped up to help me get it there. Last show of the year brought a big surprise. As part of the registration process for the show the organizers asked for a hard luck story.. this Pinto certainly fits the bill. It never should have been fixed. There was just to much wrong with it, the more I fixed, the more it broke and in the end it will never be shiny. I made a promise to the previous owner I would do what I could and have to date kept the promise. While my cars rarely get awards at the shows I really appriciate the ones I do receive. This award however has to be one of my favorites and hits a soft spot... hard luck story, it sure fits.

What's next for the Wounded Pinto? I have a few ideas but there are more things that need fixing. The motor leaks oil real bad out of the rear seal, 1qt every 100 miles, motor smokes like a mosquito fogger, the front end needs a complete rebuild because it rattles bad. It still runs OK and is fine for intown driving and short trips but... I LOVE DRIVING THIS PINTO! to much to not keep fixing even if it may not be worth it at the end. Proof, for my part anyhow, that they don't need to be shiny to enjoy!