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The ChevyLover!

The ChevyLover

Here's a friend that is long overdue to be added to the friends page. Mark has been helping me since the beginning "pushing" the Pintos and projects around. I have roped him into helping me take ponys to the shows when I need a driver and as long as he gets a wagon to drive he's OK with that. Mark really is a "chevylover" and would love to find a nice Vega! along with some of his other favorite Chevy's.

Here's Mark! with his friend Rob visiting me at one of the car shows.

Besides helping me push Pintos... I have him help me get the cars to the shows.

first time the red cruising wagon was brought to a show, Mark likes this one even if it is a Pinto.

my 1973 Hatchback and the Cruising Wagon at the Northern Cruisers Car Show 2007

Mark checking out the "other" cars at the show. See them shorts... and white legs... I kept offering the sun screen... Now Mark wears jeans to the shows {:o)

Storage for the extra Pintos...

Push! put your back into it Mark! LOL!

The Big Show of 2009 - The Shifter car Show. I brought 5 Pony's to the show and Mark was a Great! help. All my drivers left before the end but it was Mark that helped me get them all home.

The drivers! from left to right - Steven, Zep, Me, Linda, Liz, Denny and the ChevyLover!

We cruised over to Grand Rapids for the local cruise night at the Dairy Qween.

Mark Found A Vega! kept trying to trade my green wagon for it! Have to admit... Super Nice Vega Kamback with a V8.

Another Car Show in Floodwood, MN 2009

Now! we just need to find him a nice Vega!

Many Thanks go to Mark for all the help he's been and truly a "Friend of the Pinto"