--> Lencost's Wagon

Leonard a.k.a. Lencost

Hey Leonard! Welcome to the Friends!

Dinner at Alberto's (Pintopower) is where I first met Leonard

Hey Look! Pintony can count to 3!

The next day at Galpin Auto Sports and "The Flying Pinto 2" with Pintony

Lunch at the Galpin Restraunt - The Horseless Carriage with Pintony, Jimmy, Cookieboy and Leonard

I think leonard found a new ride... drive it like you stole it!

Now for Leonard's Pinto wagon, before the first cleanup.

2.8L V6 - The Most Powerful Engine offered in the Pinto!

airing out the wagon in the warm California sun!

Dog Dish Equipped

and his factory FORD wheels!

Can't wait to see you again in Sunny! California Leonard, get to work on that wagon and keep us updated.