--> Norm's V8 Pinto Sedan

Norm's V8 "Boss" Pinto

Shake It Up Norm!

These are of the Pinto before I got her.

Changed from the light green 4 cylinder..

to the V8 of today.

The work was done by a guy named Glen.

Glen installed the V8 from a 76 mustang II.

Bill also did some work on her and I purchased her in October of 2007.

cutting of the hood is always fun to do.

Just hold your breath and pray.

A small air cleaner from a 428 and...

The finished top and a trial fit of the air cleaner.

Addition of a custom Griffin Radiator, the old Mustang II rad hung four inches lower under the car and would overheat when idling. This radiator is rated for 650 HP with AC

That radiator took a little while getting the core support and the mounting brackets just right. I could not believe how much an aluminum radiator dressed up the engine bay.

shaker looks good!

a close up!

Shakin' It Up!!

The last 2 Pictures are a before and after shot. Installation of louvers and a wing to resemble a 1970 boss 302 mustang package.

The wing is a 1970 wing and the louvers were from a Pinto hatchback, they were cut down to size and installed using the mustang external hinges.