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Pintaro's Rides

Pintaro's Rides

Mike and Roni have some cool toys!

I see where Mike got his "Internet" name... Cool!

I met Mike and Roni at the 2007 PCCA Meet in Tulsa, OK right after my red 73 was finished. Here's the Greenbean project.

What A Sight! Pinto's of all colors, shapes and sizes.

See! Pinto's can haul the Toys

The Greenbean! isn't green any more. Lot's of body work...

and new interior...


2008 and another Pinto gathering in Tulsa, OK. I wasn't able to be there but Mike did with his Greenbean and camper.

I love this setup!

The Wagon's in Tulsa

Really Make's Me Wish... I was there too...

They even had a model there to pose with the Pinto's

Here's Mike's latest toy.

The Motor....


some body work...

Ready To Ride!