--> My New Toys - 2009

My New Toys - 2009

1977 Pinto Runabout
1965 Apache Popup Camper

Cookieboy Gets A Couple New Toys!!!

1977 Pinto Runabout And....
1965 Apache Pull Behind Popup Tent Camper

Got the Pinto and Camper late summer 2009

gotta love Craigslist!

After "The Kid" and I setup the camper for the first time. Took it up to the Old Hibbing campground on a sunny Sunday afternoon to check it out.

lot of work to setup since we didn't know how but we got it!

Cool! there is a tarp/shade with poles to go over the top but didn't have everything required to set that up too.

canvas is in good shape for 44 years old, screen has a couple small issues.

Setup the camper is shorter than the Pinto...

and a few feet wider, decent sized.

Enter the camper in the rear

Have 1 mattress only

the other is long gone... I'm thinking air matterss perhaps? or 5" memory foam? for replacements

Couple cabinets and enough room to stand up/move around, bigger than I thought it would be.

Now For The Pinto! 1977 Pinto Runabout.

2.3L Motor with C3 Automatic and 54,xxx miles

Hatch and cargo area in great shape, carpet is faded but I have good used replacement the same color.

Original Paint, close to rust free - couple small bubbles, some door/parking lot dings, appears to have been undercoated and looks great underneath, even has rock guard on the bottom edge.

Deluxe Interior and Seats

Has working AC and cruise control!!! Yes!!!

1970's GPS installed with AM Radio

The wheel lip chrome is pretty beat up and will need to be replaced...

I love It! This is going to be so Cool! Trips, Camping, Car Shows... I also hope to setup some of the other Pinto's to tow the camper as well, the green 1978 Wagon would also be a perfect car to haul it around with.

Update! 30 days after buying the Pinto... it was decided it needed to go to the Route 66 Mother Road Car Show in Springfield, Illinois September 25 thru the 27th. Pintony convinced me it was the one to bring, with the camper of course. I had not even really driven the Pinto since I got it home, still on the original gas, I was saving the "work" it needed for the long winter months to come.

So the Mad Scramble Starts! what was I thinking... Pintony! What did you get me into! I had less than 10 days to get it ready and there was a lot to do and inspect. I started with a rear brake job, complete trans flush and fill and u-joints replaced. The motor needed a tune-up - plugs, cap, rotor, fuel filter and a little work to the carburator. I changed the timing belt, thermostat, altinator, voltage regulator, water pump as well as some cleanup of the engine compartment. A new valve and timing cover were painted and the valve cover gasket was changed. I installed new wheel lip all around, swapped some nice hub caps on and installed the NOS white mud flaps I had with "Pinto" in red to sharpen up the appearance. The hitch for the camper needed some welding to fix a problem so that was done, repainted and reinstalled. I them moved on to the interior replacing the rear cargo carpet with a good spare after it was cleaned up. I then detailed the interior, cleaning the carpet, seats and vinyl. To add a final touch to the interior I needed something better than the AM radio for the trip. I didn't want to "hack" out the original AM radio so I found that I could slide one of my spare AM/FM/CD players and it would fit snuggly in the coin tray. I wired it up, finished it off with a little black carpet I had over the top and hooked up a vintage set of Radio Shack Realistic car speakers I had behind the seats. The audio setup sounded great and much better than expected. Nice thing it is easy to remove for that "stock" look.

Now for the Camper... to get the camper ready was much easier... cleaned the hub caps and vinyl cover. I tried to buff out the paint but that didn't help so I left it as is. After all said and done I felt like I did 6 months of work in less than 10 days. I filled the gas tank and took it for it's 1st official test ride 3 days before I was to leave, 130 miles with no camper. The next day was another 70 miles with the camper hooked up.

I was ready! I hoped! all that work paid off and the little Pinto didn't disappoint. We made it! 1,400+ miles round trip without any problems. Damn! I think I'm getting the hang of this "Pinto Thing" and getting them ready to ride.

~~ Updates for 2010 ~~

3000 miles later and a few road trips... it now has upgraded wheels and tires, replace all wheel lip chrome and many maintence items completed...

Pinto mud flaps installed

hitch fixed and useable, exhaust fixed and shiny tip

shiny bumpers!

I should install a front spoiler

the other shiny bumper

shiny wheels, 14" American Racing with Firestone 205/60/14 Firehawks

deluxe interior door panels, the only Pinto I have with them

afermarket CD player in coin tray is easy to remove for a stock look, Stock AM radio works good, Dealer Air Installed and works.

deluxe seats, nice and clean

the interior is just so nice, original with only a few flaws

need a new wrap for the steering wheel, this one is faded bad... hard to find in red and right size I'm finding.

just turned 58,000 miles after this picture was taken

A Canadian Pinto!

these seats are so comphy on long trips


new paint and parts

runs and drives great, ready for a road trip!

replaced faded rear carpet, color is little off but better than before

perfect sun visors and the dome light lense is clean/no burns

and now for a little video posted on my YouTube channel