--> Pintony Finds A Sprint!

Pintony Finds His Sprint!

1972 Sprint Pinto

Oh My!! Pintony finds another "Rare" Pinto!! how does he keep doing that??

Pictures as seen on Ebay - August 27th, 2009

1972 Ford Pinto Sprint Package, Runabout with 2.0L and 4 Speed Manual Transmission!!

Location Fruita Colorado - about 1,200 miles from Pintony's home. Hey Pintony... ready for a Road Trip??

Seller claims one owner, with 37,000 original miles.

Super clean body, 99% rust free, glass is all good, does have some little dings.

Sprint sticker is faded but there

Great condition considering it's 37 years old.

Interior needs work... front and rear seats, dash pad, carpet, headliner, etc...

car runs but needs gas tank cleaned (13 year old gas) notice the gas can?

A Road Trip and It's Home! after 2,300+ miles, round trip.

A good start! for a restore.

Pintony reports no rust issues and very happy with condition.

Rear seats are faded

Notice the gas can removed? 1st order of business = New! Gas Tank Installed.

replaced the faded USA sticker

Way To Go! Pintony... Nice Find!