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Some Truly Fine Pony's

November 2006 - after weeks of buggin' him for a special item for my Pinto.. I headed to Pintony's. Deal made... Road Trip! Parts Purchased! The first of a few trips down south. Next year it was a trip to Tulsa, OK and the Pinto Meet, and finally one last trip to see the 71 after fresh paint and to purchase an engine. If ever there was one.. a true "Friend of the Pinto".. It's Pintony!

Pintony Finds a Mizar The Flying Pinto #2

Pintony Finds a Sprint 1972 Sprint Pinto

Pintony's California Pinto 1972 Pinto Wagon

Pintony's Famous Purple Pinto Pintony's Famous Purple Pinto

The Mustard Pinto! The Mustard Pinto!

The Little Red Wagon.. The Little Red Wagon

A Frozen Woodie? A Frozen Woodie?

The Joker Mobile! The Joker Mobile!

The 72 V8 Pinto! The 72 V8 Pinto! - For Sale

Rollin' In My Pinto Rollin' In My Pinto - has been sold