--> Prostang's Ride a Turbo Pinto - Project Underway

Turbo Pinto - Project Underway

Prostang's Ride

Chatting online and in emails just isn't the same..

I was in the Twin Cities for Christmas...

just had to stop and meet a "Pinto Friend" in person for the first time.

plus I got to see this great looking project up close :o)

Big! Fat! Tires! in back and skinies up front... WhooHoo!

It's a Sedan!

Battery Goes Here.

early Pinto emblem...

Roll Bars in case the ride gets a little scary... this will not be your mamma's Pinto

Interior needs a little work.. maybe I can help...

Now Chris... it's your turn... tell us about this ride of yours...

This is the only picture I have of my car before I bought it.

The first time the motor was fully mocked up in the car.

A side shot of car with drive train fully mocked up.

Time to mock up 2.3 turbo engine, stock 60/63 t3 turbo, bobs log manifold...

and an esslinger adj. cam gear, Kevko(local minnesota company) 7qt front sump pan and stinker s/s oil feed lines and drain tube.

My best ebay purchase $60 polished ford motorsport valve cover

The new bullet with the s/s equal length header holset hy35 tial 38mm wastegate.

This is my tow pig for now...

A 1994 ford F150 lightning with 138k miles and the first vehicle I ever took a loan for :)