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Update 2011 - Matt Makes It To Carlisle!

2006 and Matt wins the Most Potential Award! after a long and troubled ride home Matt had a lot to do to get that Pinto to live up to it's true potential.

2011 and Matt proves, with much love, patience and mostly hard work!

His ride was getting there.

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to make a Pinto shiney!

He's been busy under here too.

lots of work done to keep the pony running strong.

The interior has seen a lot of love too, looking good Matt

and some new comphy seats

Matt deserves a lot of credit. Out of love for his little Pinto he has taken what others may have called junk and scrapped out and done his best to keep it on the road. While he still has more to do, just gotta love them old cars and their issues, I have faith he will get-r-done.

I look forward to the next time I see Matt and his ride, his is another of the Pinto stories that gives this Cookieboy a smile.

Matt's Introduction to the Friends - 2009

My name is Matt Manter and I have lived in the Columbus Ohio area my whole life & have always been into cars. When I was younger I would be looking over the fender of the family car my Dad would be fixing. Ever since I was 6 I wanted a Ford Pinto and finally got one in 2004. I attended Eastland Career Center for Auto Tech my last two years of high school and also Columbus State Community College for Auto Tech.

Here's my 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo
I Bought it for $1000 not running from a buddy of mine. It was to replace my first GLHT that had major frame rot. Did an engine swap from my first GLHT to the new one. Original South Carolina car. Zero rust underneath & very little body work needed.

It’s silver with gray interior, which I have been told was a rare & sought after combination. It has factory air 2.2L turbo with a 5 speed manual transmission. Stock 15” pizza wheels, a/c, lighted sunvisors, and cruise control. This is the only GLH known to have cruise control

Repairs completed - engine swap & underhood detailed, front & rear seats replaced with Shelby GLHS seats.

Future modifications - 2.5” exhaust stage 2 logic module for boost up to 12psi.

My old 1978 Pinto Hatchback
I bought this car for a low price of $350.00 It was a 1978 Pinto Hatchback with a 2.3L and auto transmission. It came with PS/PB & a Sunroof.

It had major electrical issues, bad engine, major rust & a broken sunroof. It was green and black interior. I made it all black interior. I replaced the front fenders, doors, and hood, gave it a cheap rattle-can paint job to make the car one color.

It was never meant to be - about 8 months after buying the car I found some major frame rot that was hidden with bondo at one time. The 78 donated its interior to the 77 I later bought and I sold off the front fenders & hood.

The Current Pinto Project a 1977 Ford Pinto Sedan

Named Harold II in memory of my mom and her first Pinto which she named Harold.

2.3L automatic, manual steering & brakes and a medium saddle metallic exterior with tan interior.

Looked at the car in 2004. It was priced at $500 but they would take $400. The transmission was bad & I couldn’t get it home so I passed.

The 78 hatchback I bought in 2004 had a rusted frame so I bought the 77 sedan for $400 in 2005.

A buddy of mine helped me tow the car home. The transmission problem was a bad seal and plugged filter. New fluid, filter & gasket & the car drove.

Brakes went straight to the floor. The car needed a new master cylinder, wheel cylinders & master cylinder

I have replaced both front fenders, patched up passenger door, replaced rusted out driver door, painted grille & door trim gloss black.

Deluxe mirror added to driver side, car painted silver with Duplicolor truck paint.

The interior color was switched to black, thanks to pieces donated by the 1978 hatchback. Dashpad replaced with the one off the 78. am/fm 8 track radio installed. Map light installed & hooked up.

A deluxe steering wheel from a 78 Ford truck was installed, new rear seat bottoms & seat covers on the front seats. console from a mustang II, wood grain shifter & e-brake handle, also wood grain contact paper to accent the dash.

New stereo wiring, along with 5x7 speakers installed in rear deck & two 3” speakers in place of the single speaker up front. Deluxe rear interior panels from a 1973 sedan.

Engine compartment- bottom end engine rebuild, engine compartment painted black, engine painted old ford blue, Ford Ranger combination washer/ coolant bottle installed. Air cleaner painted old ford blue.

My Future Plans Include
-Front seats replaced with Escort or Tempo bucket seats
-New carpeting

-Fix any rusty metal including: floors, passenger door, leaky cowl
-Install 8” Mustang II rear axle

-new headliner & windshield seals
-deluxe door panels painted & installed

Thanks for looking at my cars, Matt