--> Steve~N~Lisa's 1980 Ford Pinto

Steve~N~Lisa's Pinto

1980 Ford Pinto

Well, what we started before the pinto was a 1988 Fox Body Mustang. We were going to do it all up and then we inherited this ugly Scooby Doo brown pinto shell. We didn't like it at all then thought hey everyone has a mustang so why not do the pinto up. Here we are with that 1980 Ford Pinto. It has a Boss 302 block stroked to a 331, 174 Weiand super charger and it has stock interior. The only thing we are going to do is change color of the interior. Other then that its a fun little go cart with a big motor, when we got the pinto it had absolutely nothing... no motor, no dash and only the seats. We basically did car from bottom up and we LOVE THE CAR NOW!

Steve N Lisa
St.Thomas Ontario Canada