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1977 Cruising Wagon

June 16th 2006 - I got the Cruising Wagon I wanted. I found it on Ebay and we went to go get it. It was in Hutchinson, Kansas and I needed help getting my new ride home. Called a couple friends and setup the tow rig and off we went.The Wagon was a big letdown as it wasn't anywhere near the condition the seller described it as. I however didn't go all that way for nothing so I completed the deal and brought it home. After a bunch of new parts and money spent we still couldn't get it to run right, I got frustrated and stuck it under a tarp to consider my options.

July 16th 2007 - Pulled the car cover off and started it for the first time since last fall. Started right up without problems and ran much better than I expected or remembered. Last fall no matter what was done it just wouldn't run right. That's the reason I put it away to figure out what to do with it. Got busy with the 73 and since it's almost finished it was time to take another look at the Wagon.

Wagon got a bath

Here you can see the dash pad needs replacement, I also have a few "tricks" to freshen up the interior.

I have a new dash cap

And the engine... needs a little cleanup

not shiny

First order of business... tires. I had the extra tires I have mounted on the wheels from the 78 parts wagon and got them installed. The original wheels that can with the wagon were uni-lugs and since I had correct wheels...

still need a little work to get the wheels really shiny

Next was the front spoiler from the 78 parts wagon

cleanup and paint required

The front spoiler is installed and I also installed the NOS grill I had waiting.

much better looking

Then I cleaned up the interior and Installed the new dash cap. Also my little trick with the silver sharpie was used to referb the trim a bit.

I adjusted the glove box door too

One day it was to hot to go in the house (no AC) so I decided to cleanup the engine compartment. Started with engine degreaser and moved on to dawn dishwashing soap and various scrubbies and brushes. Once the engine is out for the swap I'll clean it up better, for now this looks much better.

lot-o-time and elbow grease

After it was all cleaned up I said... what the heck, let's take it to The Show! in Grand Rapids, MN for the Northern Cruisers 23rd Annual Weekend of Wheels. As always the 73 "Boss" get's lot of attention but the wagon was a big hit too. Many were curious what my plans are and interested to see it when it's done.

they liked the wagon too

Once we got back from the show I just had to get a shot of the ponies...

soon I'll need a coral