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The Wildman Pinto's

Rod "Wildman" Wilson

From The Wildman: I've been driving since 1976 when I got my first car the family station wagon (no not the Vista Cruiser) a '68 Ford Fairlane 500. In total I've owned 74 vehicles to get me from place to place (except Pinto #15 which I bought to fix and sell, but did drive it too occasionally) and of those 74 vehicles 17 have been Pintos.

You'll hear in the next 19 minutes the story of how one car whilst not totally changing one's life was very instrumental in the development of how it would play out for many many years. The amazing thing is that it still does today as here I am and who knows what the future will bring for us all.

Click the play button below, grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy my beloved Ford Pinto & Merc Bobcat stories. Thanks for listening - the Wildman

And... a video featuring the Wildman's Pinto's

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