--> Out Of The Clear Blue Of The Western Sky Comes...Sky Thing!

Hot Rod Magazine - Sky Thing! Aug. 1973

August 1973

Henry Smolinski's dream was becoming a reality. Hot Rod Magazine presents the project in August 1973. One of the first pictures I've seen of Pintony's "Flying Pinto 2" as seen in the video produced by Galpin Ford the national distributor of the AVR Mizar Flying Pinto.

From: Hot Rod Magazine - August 1973

Out Of The Clear Blue Of
The Western Sky Comes...
Sky Thing!

By C.J. Baker - They call it a Mizar, after the dual star in the handle of the Big Dipper. The dominant star in this duo is refered to as "the horse," while the subordinate star is called "the rider." In terms if a modified Pinto equipped to accept a detachable airframe and aircraft engine, the name fits.

Above-Fitted with unique sliding track rails, the modified Pinto can be mated with the airframe in less than 2 minutes.

Conceived, designed and built by Henry Smolinski and Hal Blake, the founders of Advanced Vehicle Engineers in Van Nuys, California, this Mizar prototype combines a 1971 Pinto and the major portion of a 1966 Cessna Skymaster airframe. The concept, which is based on a simple detachment feature of the airframe, is to provide a dual-purpose vehicle for typical small aircraft flights and ground transportation once the flight destination has been reached. Attachment of the airframe, which is accomplished by self-aligning tracks and an umbilical control cable, reportedly takes less than 2 minutes.

Above-The interior of the Pinto is equipped with all the necessary aircraft controls, radio and instrumentation. The steering wheel, which also moves in and out, acts as the "stick." The rudder pedals fold down when not in use.

Above-Underslung control cables on this prototype will be internally mounted on production units and a bellypan will be added for streamlining.

The Mizar is currently undergoing flight tests for FAA certification, and production is scheduled for early 1975. Production versions, which will not be restricted to Pintos, will not have the wing struts, and a full bellypan will be added for streamlining. Galpin Ford of Sepulveda, California, will be handle distribution, with base prices just over $18,000 for the complete package without options.

Remember, they laughed at the Wright brothers too.

Above-Normal Takeoffs require only the aircraft engine, but the Pinto engine can also be used to shorten the takeoff roll distance.

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