--> Advanced Vehicle Engineers (AVE) Mizar [1973] N68X

Doug Duncan - Oxnard Airport, Aug. 1973

Advanced Vehicle Engineers (AVE) Mizar [1973] N68X

Oxnard Airport, Oxnard, California - August 1973
Original Pictures by: Doug Duncan ~~> Click Here

From: Doug Duncan - Very few people ever heard of this quirky experimental aircraft -- or much less even seen one -- but I happened to be at the Oxnard Airport one day while they were out performing taxi tests on it. The AVE Mizar was the latest attempt at the creation of a viable flying automobile, or roadable aircraft, a commuter aircraft design that has fueled the imagination of aeronautical engineers for decades. (The flying surfaces are to detach from the vehicle, allowing the pilot/driver to use the vehicle as it was intended.) However, this particular design -- a Ford Pinto outfitted with full flight controls and attached to the wings, rear engine and tail assembly of a Cessna Skymaster -- failed in a tragic accident the following month.

I thought you guys would like to have the file of my shot for your archives. This is really all I have on the Mizar, as it was just a chance happening I was out at Oxnard Airport that day taking pictures in August 1973, and that was the last I saw of it. I was able to find out that this particular Ford Pinto carried the California vehicle registration 689CXF.

By the way, I used to own a 1973 Ford Pinto wagon with aluminum wheels and wide tires and I just *loved* it! I even flew it once, but that was by accident. Launched it off a railroad track ramp in the middle of the night.

~~ Doug Duncan

Update May 17th, 2009 - I received the following email and Pictures from Doug

Hey Brian,

Look what I came up with! I was going through all my old B/W negatives and was surprised to find these photos -- especially one of the Mizar taking off. I thought you might like to add these to your collection. I was so excited, I bought my own slide/negative scanner to add them to mine.


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