--> Pintony finds The Flying Pinto 2

Pintony finds "The Flying Pinto 2"

Pintony Finds
The AVE Mizar Flying Pinto 2!

January 2009 - It Starts! with a late night phone call from Pintony. I was chewing him out for calling me late again! and he was telling me to shut up! over and over again, he had something important to tell me. Pintony doesn't know when to quit looking for Pinto's for sale and he found something interesting. After directing me to a Craigslist Ad in California and explaining to me what he saw... Cookieboy was listening. We spent the next hour or so doing Internet research and digging through stuff I had about the Mizar we began to fully understand what he may have found. Could it be? The 2nd Mizar Pinto from the video! produced by Galpin Motors.

one of the pictures we were sent by the seller.

The Trip to California was already planned for the beginning of February for some fun, sun and to get a 72 Pinto Wagon ready for paint so we were going to be close and could see it in person. He exchanged info and got some low-quality cel phone pics from the seller, after some thought it was decided to send money to buy and hold the car until we could see it in person. After some fun (a Canyon Run with the California Pinto and Fiat Guys) and a lot of work completed on the 72 Pinto Wagon (where the sun had Cookieboy feeling like he was going to melt) it was time to make the drive and see what the "Mizar" car looked like.

a better picture and in person

Got to love the honest car salesmen - we were told the car ran and drove great so we were hoping and expecting to drive the car back to Barth's where Tony was staying. We brought a battery, tires, some tools and a lot of hope. After we got there to see the car, waited for the seller to arrive so we could look at it our hopes of driving the car anywhere were quickly squashed. An empty gas tank with locking cap, no keys or ignition and a car unwilling to start unless we poured gas down the carb.

Plan B goes into effect - We spotted the Galpin Ford license plate frames on the car so we knew the car had to come from Galpin Ford as we suspected. Tony paid the tow yard to tow the car and Pintony and I went to our meeting with Bert Boeckmann of Galpin Ford for some fact finding and to show him what we found.


I had contacted Galpin Ford in hopes of talking to Bert Boeckmann and finding out more information about the Mizar. Didn't take long and I received a call from Bert. I surprised Pintony by doing so but it did get us an invite to meet Bert Boeckmann to talk about the Flying Pinto.

Galpin Ford was the national distributor for the Mizar - Flying Pinto

Galpin Ford was the national distributor for the Mizar - Flying Pinto and the place we needed to be to find out more information. Famous for their "Galpinized" vehicles and the #1 Volume Ford Dealer in the World for 19 Years in a Row!

Galpin Ford the #1 Volume Ford Dealer in the World for 19 Years in a Row!

I don't think Bert was expecting to hear the story we had to tell or ready to believe us at right away, even we had our doubts and needed more info. His lovely wife Jane joined us to help put some of the pieces to the story together.

Bert and Jane Boeckmann with Pintony

I then fired up the laptop and started showing him some of the pictures and info I had gathered and the pieces were starting to come together. The Mizar Video Galpin Ford had produced about the Flying Pinto was located and I was told I would get a copy. After a fairly long meeting I think he had an idea of why we were so excited about our find. After the meeting Pintony and I were given the "Grand Tour" of the dealership and got to see some of the history and "Galpinized" vehicles. After a fine meal in the Galpin Restaurant, the Horseless Carriage, Pintony and I had a lot to think about.

Cookieboy showing the pictures and info we had on the Mizar to Bert and Jane Boeckmann

The next step in our quest was to get the Pinto running so we could get it to Galpin Ford so they could see it in person.

Here's Barth and Pintony working on the carburetor in hopes of getting the little pony running again. After a few hours and a suggestion from the Cookieboy the Pinto was running. Pintony quickly determined it had a flat cam lobe and would need a bit more work than we had time for... it still didn't shift well and the brakes did stop it... just not that well.

With the Pinto not running well enough to drive to Galpin it was time to call "The Friends of the Pinto" to find it a ride. Jim Callahan stepped up to the plate and offered his truck and trailer for the ride. He stayed up all night thinking about it and called Tony in the morning to offer his services... Yea!! Jim!!!

The Pinto arrives at Galpin Auto Sports for it's first stop.

Where Pintony points out the picture on the wall of the Mizar.

Flying Pinto

We finally get to start talking to the right people, Steve McCord the General Manager of Galpin Auto Sports comes out for a look and get's on the phone. He helps get us in touch with all the right people and let them know the car is there.

Leonard, Pintony, Steve McCord and Jim

Steve McCord sent us over to the main showroom so that Gina Leshe of Galpin Advertising can take some pictures.

Gina taking pictures

The bad part about being the one with the camera.... I had to hand it off to Leonard to get a picture of me with the Pinto... Pintony got all the attention. The Cookieboy was his personal assistant and media guy for the day :-)

I was there too :-)

Beau Boeckmann brings the crew.

After some discussion and he looks over the car Beau and Pintony pose for some shots with the Pinto. You could tell Beau was as excited as us about what we found.

The "Friends of the Pinto" catch a meal at the Horseless Carriage. Pintony, Jim, Cookieboy and Leonard pose for a shot after a successful day of fact finding and showing off the Pinto.

None of this would have been possible without Jim!

Later we got together with Beau Boeckmann again, Pintony wanted to get him to sign the door jam. We had another long talk with Beau and I must say... I like this guy! I could see the excitement in his eyes and he truly enjoyed seeing the Pinto. He chatted with us in the rain just like one of the guys and it was a pleasure meeting him.

The Flying Pinto 2! as signed by Beau.

The Flying Pinto 2

This is only the beginning to the excitement of what Pintony found and I have the pleasure of being involved with. To Pintony I extend my deepest gratitude for letting me come along on this crazy ride... Tony you have been a true "Friend of the Pinto" and I appriciate all the help you have been since we first met and you helped me realize my dream of the Hot Pants Pinto I built. If it wasn't for you... I wouldn't have had all this fun. Thanks! from The Cookieboy!

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