--> AVE Mizar - The Flying Pinto - Knott's Berry 2009

Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show 2009

Knott's Berry Farms
Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show
~~ April 2009 ~~

Pintony and The Cookieboy go back to California! Time to get the cars ready to go to Knott's Berry Farms for the Fabulous Ford Forever Car Show 2009.

The AVE Mizar Flying Pinto 2 needed some cleanup and work if it was to make it to the show. Started with removing the seats and a good vacuuming.

After a good wipe down and cleanup, some carpet in a can and borrowed seats from another Pinto...

replaced door handles and window cranks, floor mats, etc...

Much Improved! and the interior was as ready as we could get it for now.

Time for the hard part... getting it ready for the drive.

Time for Pinto Master Pintony make this car run so it would make it to the show.

Early the next morning... Pintony and the Pinto were ready.

The first stop on the way, Pepsi and ice needed for the coolers.

The Major Test... the on ramp for the freeway and the long drive to Knott's Berry Farms.

It Made It! The AVE Mizar Flying Pinto 2 Arrives for it's 1st public appearance.
and for thoes who keep asking... where are the wings? Pintony and The Cookieboy use our imagination.

The Best Part! about bringing the car to the show... The Smolinski's start to arrive. Henry's wife and 3 of his children come to see the car. Linda brings a scrapbook of old pictures and info.

Pintony and I get first looks at the scrapbook.

Everone get's a chance to sit in the Pinto, starting with mom.

and Helen


and Alan

The Smolinski's sign the Pinto, starting with mom.



and Alan

The Smolinski's

What a great pleasure it was to meet the family of Henry Smolinski. Pictured are Brian, Helen, Linda, Pintony, Alan and Elizabeth in front.

In Memory and Honor
Henry Smolinski, President and Harold "Hal" Blake, Vice-President
of The Advanced Vehicle Engineers

The Flying Pinto 2 wasn't the only Ford Pinto at the show... to see the other 33 Pinto's and Friends to attend... click to watch the video below and look for the "Special Presentation" at the end.