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Galpinized Pinto's

Galpinized Pinto's

What Is Galpinizing?

Possibly the most distinctive vehicle customization is called Galpinizing, whose roots lie in San Fernando in the 50s at an auto dealership owned by Frank Galpin and Mr. Brown. They had just hired a young and confident car salesman, Bert Boeckmann, who, within 15 years, bought them out.

The young trendsetter hit the road in 1966 with the first Galpinized vehicle: the Surfer Van. It had carpet and a sink and became a national craze. In fact, the entire Conversion Van industry can trace its roots to Boeckmanns out-of-the-box thinking.

The first Ford Pinto was Galpinized with spots (and a special edition coloring book, How the Pinto Got His Spots, was published to celebrate it).

Bert Boeckmann with the first Galpinized Ford Pinto.

Another Famous Galpinized Pinto - The AVE Mizar Flying Pinto.

The AVE Mizar and the mockup Pinto featured by Galpin Ford to Promote the Flying Pinto.

Red, White, and Blue - a cool paint idea.

Then there was the hatchback that was Galpinized into an actual aquarium on wheels, and yes, with healthy fish.

An early red, white and blue paint idea.

Hot Stuff! on the beach!

Check out this funky custom front end, look familiar? I wonder if this was the inspiration for the 1977 and 78 Pinto front-end changes.

Pintony has one of these front add-ons. He said it replaces the headlight buckets and fits over the factory grill.

Lots of detail in some of the custom paint.

I really like the look of the hood stripes.

Look at the detailed paint here.

I like this side stripe idea.

Notice the custom piece on the quarter-window, goes up and over the roof too.

Sharp looking wagon.

Another really cool paint idea.

Wish I knew what year Pinto this was... if it was before the cruising wagons??

Another interesting look for a Pinto with custom front and quarter-window add-ons.

LOOK! closely at the vinyl top...

Nothing says 70's like leopard skin!

Check out the detail inside the stripes.

I really want... a Galpinized Pinto!

So, that's what Galpinizing is all about.