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Let's look inside a Pinto...

You look at a little car and wonder how long it will last.
The answer's hidden deep inside.
Let's look inside a Pinto...and see what makes it different...
where it counts.

Everybody's got his own theory on how to build a little car.

Ours is simple: It should accelerate fast enough to handle turnpikes, stop fast enough and straight enough to cope with emergencies, steer precisely and responsively.

And it should last a long time. We'd like to tell you about the last, first.

Pinto's a small, inexpensive car, but it doesn't have small, inexpensive parts.

Key parts like the drive train, rear axle, starter motor, ball joints, and shock absorbers are all strong enough for bigger, heavier cars.

And we do other things differently.

We cut vibration and reduce wear with special butyl cushions between the body and suspension.

Like Mercedes, we zinc plate key underbody parts to fight rust.

Like Ferrari, we take the time to match and fit transmission gears by hand.

Like Cadillac, we use a special steel-alloy brake tubing.

Our engine, tested-abroad in millions of owner-driven miles, is lightweight iron, designed for long wear-and the kind of performance you need on a turnpike.

(It gives you more horsepower for example, than the leading import.)

Our brakes are oversize and self adjusting.

Our steering is rack-and-pinion, a system precise enough for the world's most expensive sports cars.

We didn't stint on Pinto. Not where it counts.

Talk to your local Ford Dealer about Pinto. He has plain ones, fancy ones. Pinto's with options like those shown above. He's got them all for you to drive.

Better idea for safty: Buckle up.