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1976 Pinto Press Release

1976 Pinto Stallion

The Pinto Stallion sports a youthful look for 1976 with a blacked-out hood, lower back panel and a new textured grille, Black tape treatment is used on the rocker panel and wheel lip areas, and a large Pinto stallion emblems are on the front fenders. Black mouldings on the windows and doors, dual racing mirrors, handeling suspension, and wide A70x13 bias ply tires with raised white lettering are included.

1976 Pinto

The 1976 Pinto is one the top fule savers in the industry with its economical 2.3-liter four-cylinder 2V engine and four-speed manual transmission. It features a new front appearance with an "eggcrate" grill design, a new Squire option on the Runabout, shown above, new interiors with low-back seats and colorful plaid cloth seating surfaces.

From: Ford Division Public Relations, Dearborn, Mich.