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Stiletto Pinto Body Kit

Stiletto Body Kit

little is really known about this body kit.


Stiletto features unique styling with a distinctly European flair utilizing the Pinto unibody and drive train.

Completing the Stiletto is extreamly simple and quick, requiring only unbolting fenders, hood and bumpers before installing the Stiletto components. Using almost all of the Pinto means you create a car that is tight, solid, rattle and leak free with windows, doors and ventilation systems that really work.

Ford 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines may be used and when combined with the Stiletto's aerodynamic styling can give performance that ranges fron economy to fire breathing.

Stiletto kits are available for all Pinto/Bobcat hatchbacks, Runabouts and Wagons.

Stiletto is the most dynamic, sophisticated, racy looking complete kit available for only $1995.00


    Rear spoiler (sedan)

    Console/instrument panel

    Discretionary supercharger (4cyl. models)

    Handling kit

    Automatic headlight cover actuator

    Door/window handle set



STEP 1:    Remove hood

STEP 2:    Remove hood latch assembly and cable

STEP 3:    Remove fender liners *

STEP 4:     Remove headlight rims, headlights * and headlight adjustment assemblies *

STEP 5:    Remove grille, trim panel and stone deflector

STEP 6:     Remove bumper (note: on '71-'73 vehicles the bumper should be disconnected at the frame and '74 or later are isolator used. Ford P/N D4FZ17754-5A)

STEP 7:    Remove side marker lamp assemblies *

STEP 8:    Remove fenders

Note: save all hardware (bolts, clip nuts, etc.) and items marked *


STEP 1:    Carefully unpack and identify all components

STEP 2:    Prepare front clip install side marker lamps, mount and adjust headlight covers (Fig.5)

STEP 3:    Position front clip on your chassis, locate and drill fender mounting holes install front clip using bolts removed during disassembly

STEP 4:    Install headlights, mounts and adjusters

STEP 5:    Cut hole in bumper trim for turn signals, fasten housings place with self tapping screws and bolt cover to upper mount (Fig.1 and 4)

STEP 6:    Secure carriage bolts to the arm isolator with lock nuts, screw set of nuts on carriage bolts and lock in place after adjusting bumper so it is centered in front clip and parallel to front edge (Fig.4)

STEP 7:    Position headlight cover actuator with arms facing forward, center assembly and tighten U-bolts and lock collars, hook up return spring. Fasten control cable mount to dash and cable to radiator support, connect cable actuator arm, adjust for proper operation (Fig.6)

STEP 8:    Mark and drill holes in hood liner for hinges, install clip nuts and bolt hood in place. Drill hole in liner for hood support rod. Drill holes in hood and radiator support for hood latches, mount, adjust and tighten. Bolt hood assist springs to radiator mount (Fig.2 and 7)

STEP 9:    Align hood and front clip with adjusters (Fig.1)

STEP 10:    Fasten fender flairs in position with rivets and smooth mating surfaces with body filler (Fig.3)

STEP 11:    Connect wiring, adjust headlights

STEP 12:    Prepare your Stiletto for the paint scheme of your choice by carefully following the manufactures instructions.

STEP 13:    Paint taillight trim and rear bumper black

STEP 14:    Complete your new sports car with the application of reflectorized rear and Stiletto front decals to...

Enjoy your investment in Excitement!

A couple more items I found that describe the Stiletto - First One: looks to be the front page of a magazine artical written about this body kit. I would like to see the rest and wish I knew where it was published.

Second: Introducing The New Super Stilleto - found on www.ecomodder.com - with this comment "I know the guy that came up with them. There never were that many- I think 14? I saw one with a big ol' nasty fastback on it too, kinda like the pointy crx project, in lime green!"